Born in 1996 in Kaunas, Lithuania, Barbora Žilinskaitė is a designer and artist living and working in Brussels, Belgium.
Her practice explores how we perceive everyday objects around us and what kind of relationships with our environment we create. To draw attention to this matter, most of her furniture depicts human-like shapes and features, creating characters and abstract narratives, almost provoking us to question whether they have any feelings.
She invites us to experience the use of objects as a dialogue between two equal parties, and to question, how we are affected by the objects around us, and how the way we use them affects our environment.


Bachelor in product and spatial design, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania, 2019

Selected Exhibitions


Design Miami/ Basel
Represented by Friedman Benda gallery

“The New Figuration”
Curated by Glenn Adamson, Friedman Benda, New York

“The Endless Summer” 
Friedman Benda, albertz benda, Los Angeles


“The Salon Art + Design 2021 “
Represented by Friedman Benda, New York 

“Collectible Salon” 
Represented by Vartai Gallery


“Virtual Design Destination” 
By Adorno, London Design Festival


Budapest Design Week 2019 
Exhibition "Design Lithuania", Budapest

Design processes: Design X Education,
Galery "Akademija", Vilnius


Dizaino procesai, 
Galery "Akademija", Vilnius

Sustainable design exhibition "Redesign",
Curated by EKODA, Vilnius

Barbora Žilinskaitė