Born in 1996 in Kaunas, Lithuania, Barbora Žilinskaitė is a designer living and working in Brussels, Belgium. During the creative process, she seeks to distance herself from definitions of practices and combines different methods into one, she merges boundaries of sculpture and design and experiments with a use of materials. Her interest lies in exploring the different ways of interactions between human being and object, sometimes it provokes a certain emotion, encourages a change in habits or creates a new routine, sometimes it formulates questions or initiates a discussion.


Bachelor in product and spatial design, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania, 2019

Upcoming Exhibitions

The New Figuration
March 28 – April 19, 2022
Curated by Glenn Adamson
Friedman Benda, New York

Selected Exhibitions

Friedman Benda | Booth B1 at The Salon Art + Design 2021, New York 

Collectible Salon, represented by Vartai Gallery

Virtual Design Destination by Adorno, London Design Festival

Budapest Design Week 2019, Exhibition "Design Lithuania", Budapest

Design processes: Design X Education, Galery "Akademija" Vilnius

Dizaino procesai,  Galery "Akademija" Vilnius

Sustainable design exhibition "Redesign", organised by EKODA, Vilnius

Barbora Žilinskaitė